Balloon Animals Teach People Skills to Leaders 


1. One Hour or Less- “Think Outside the Balloon” Ice Breaker Workshop––Set in a casual atmosphere, this session is great for large overviews with more attendees. We’ll cover the basics of DISC, the existing work culture, tips for better communication, overcoming fear, and creative thinking.

2. Part of a Day - Professional Development Workshop––Includes the personal style reports, group dynamics report, intro to DISC, and learn how your strengths and characteristics can enhance your work environment. Elevate communication & motivation for your teams. Increase productivity with strategies for the environment and individual roles.

3. Most of the Day - Leadership Workshop––Tackle all of the above, plus looking at team and workplace models, fostering a leadership environment, navigating crisis and change, and what it takes to go from "Good" to "Great" as a Leader. Understand your strengths and how your Leadership Style can work "for" or "against" you and how to lead to get people to follow with enthusiasm.

4. A fourth option is whatever you need. We can personalize your mission and adapt to your
schedule and plan. Do you need more time or less time? More team building or hands on? Let us

Host a Workshop!

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